Faculties and departments

Kingston, Ont. focusing on skills, education for an EV-centric future

Apr 06, 2023

As one of Ontario’s post-secondary-rich areas, there is a growing movement in the Kingston region to fill the skills gap in the transition to electric transportation.

Syracuse hosts 2nd annual Kingston-Syracuse Pathway Cross Border Conference, highlights medical innovations, economic advancements, and encourages collaboration

Apr 04, 2023

Working to create and advance biotech, health innovation, and manufacturing, the Kingston-Syracuse Pathway held its second annual Cross Border Conference in Syracuse.

Technology Development Pilot Project findings “better than expected”

Mar 28, 2023

With TDPP funding, Dr. Kontopoulou’s team explored GNP use in concrete for structural uses, asphalt, water filtration, and for uses outside of traditional applications.

From wave break to geological irregularities, Queen’s researchers are finding “patented” ways to success

Mar 20, 2023

A new approach for detecting wave break, invented by Dr. Damian Redfearn, a clinician and professor of cardiac electrophysiology in the School of Medicine at Queen’s University, and his colleague, Dr Mohammad Hassan Shariat, an engineer and computer scientist, granted patent.

Technology Development Pilot Project allows researchers to further cancer vaccine findings

Mar 08, 2023

TDPP funding enabled Dr. Sam Basta to continue developing a cancer immunotherapy invention co-invented with fellow DBMS professor, Dr. Katrina Gee.

OPTT Health improves outcomes for clinicians and patients

Feb 15, 2023

OPTT Health, a SaaS platform that proactively triages and monitors patients to simplify the digital-first delivery of mental health services for care teams is looking to help more people access mental health resources.

Queen’s University and Xanadu partner to shape the future of quantum technologies and talent in Canada

Feb 09, 2023

Queens and Xanadu will work together to develop quantum educational tools and programs to support the growth of quantum talent in Canada.

Professor Andrew Craig’s antibody research may someday stop cancer in its tracks

Jan 30, 2023

Professor Andrew Craig’s antibody work may help halt cancer’s spread.

Wings participant WEMA aims to provide early detection of cervical cancer to those in remote communities

Jan 26, 2023

Wing's participant WEMA hopes to improve cervical cancer screening access for people who live in remote areas, both in Canada and abroad.

Mesh AI’s steady growth moving towards success as leader in “intelligent and collaborative” healthcare staff scheduling

Jan 16, 2023

Mesh AI is different from other deep-tech healthcare software companies - both in technology and business model.

Innovative research from three Queen’s researchers promises to make breast cancer surgery safer and less intrusive

Jan 13, 2023

Navi-Knife, an exciting surgical tool created at Queen’s University by Professors, is making a favourable impression in the OR.

Wings graduate LenSense aims to improve diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma patients

Dec 15, 2022

A new method developed from Professor Yongjun Lai’s lab at Queen’s University is proving to be more effective in diagnosing glaucoma than current methods.