‘No Man is an Island’: Territorial Rights, Climate Change, and the case of Environmentally Displaced People

Start Date
Thursday January 21, 2021
End Date
Saturday January 23, 2021
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Queen's University, Zoom

This workshop, co-organized by Margaret Moore (Political Studies, Philosophy), brings together theorists working on all aspects of territory to reflect on the moral and political implications of the threat that climate change poses to people, their territorial attachments, and their rights to occupy a given piece of land. Speakers include Cara Nine, Jennifer Szende, Michael Luoma, Margaret Moore, Alejandra Mancilla, Megan Blomfield, Patti Lenard, Anna Stilz, Chris Armstrong, Steve Vanderheiden, Byron Williston, and Charles Jones.

To register to attend, please email: ccandterritoryworkshop@gmail.com