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Prospective Students

Application Deadline

The admissions application deadline is 01 December of each year for entry at the start of the upcoming academic session beginning in September.

GRE Requirement
Applicants must also provide evidence of GRE scores in each area above the 60th percentile. SPECIAL NOTE:  the requirement for GREs scores to be included with your application for studies beginning September  2022 will be posted on the PSYC website by September 2021 and will be in keeping with the COVID 19 worldwide situation.

Eligibility Requirements
The current departmental policy for applicants is that students admitted to graduate programs in Psychology are expected to have an honours degree in psychology, preferably with a thesis or major research project as part of that undergraduate degree.  If you apply despite not meeting this criterion, at the very least you will be at a competitive disadvantage.  Unlike the admission procedure wherein the supervisor selects the student and the PSYC Graduate Committee simply assesses whether or not the student is a good student, in this situation the Graduate Committee may require that the supervisor justify taking the student no matter how good the grades, letters of reference, and GREs may be.  It may be that the Committee cannot be convinced.  This is particularly likely if the supervisor had other applicants with a psychology background or if an alternative program (e.g., neuroscience) was available that does not require the psychology background and would accept the background that the student has.

Applicants must complete a 4 year bachelor’s honours degree in psychology (or equivalent degrees in adjacent areas, such as cognitive science or social behaviour) in order to be competitive.  Statistics and research methods will also enhance your profile.  Our program is designed as a 2-year MSc thesis-based degree.  Students are encouraged but not required to continue on to our 4-year thesis-based PhD degree.

International Students Additional Entry Requirements

GRE Requirement
Applicants must also provide evidence of GRE scores in each area above the 60th percentile. SPECIAL NOTE:  The requirement for GRE scores for entry in any PSYC graduate program beginning September 2022 will be posted on this website by July 2021 as the COVID 19 worldwide situation evolves.

TOEFL and IELTS Requirements

Transcript Requirements for your Application
You may load unofficial transcripts to your online application at the time of application.  In keeping with the School of Graduate Studies’ application regulations, should you receive an official offer of admission, you will need to provide official transcripts at that time in order to receive that official offer.

ALL supporting documents, references, etc. must be received by 01 December in order to be considered.

The Government of Canada lists all institutions that have approved DLI’s on the Government of Canada official website. The website is updated regularly. Students traveling from international locations to Canada may use this site to prepare their travel plans after their study permit has been approved.

Students are also encouraged to download the ArriveCAN app for their trip back to Canada and enter their quarantine plan information to that app to make the arrival procedure faster.


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Graduate Programs Offered


Psychology MSc Program Map

View the MSc Program Map (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Psychology PhD Program Map

View the PhD Program Map (PDF, 1.2 MB)

How to Apply

Selecting Your Area of Study
Review the 4 graduate programs above to determine which area best suits your interest and background.

Connecting With A Potential Graduate Supervisor
After you have identified your area of interest, research faculty member profiles associated with the chosen area of interest. Determine which of these faculty are accepting students for the upcoming academic session by visiting the Available Faculty Supervisors page

How to Ask for a Reference Letter
You will need two academic references to complete your graduate application package. How to Ask for a Reference Letter (PDF, 22 KB) provides you with instructions on how to identify a potential referee and what information you can provide them with to assist them in preparing a strong reference letter.

How to Write a Great Statement of Interest
Applicants provide a statement of interest as part of the online application process. Be sure to write a Great Statement of Interest (PDF, 14 KB) which best summarizes your individual educational goals. Your statement will assist us in determining which area of study suits your educational goals and which potential supervisor would best guide your studies towards that goal.

Application Deadline
The Department of Psychology's application deadline is: 01 December by 11:59 pm.

Applications completed after 01 December will normally not be considered.

GRE Requirement
The GRE requirement has been suspended for application for admission to all programs beginning September 2021.  Updates for future admission years will be posted as the COVID 19 impact on students’ access to the test evolves.

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Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees for domestic and international students are available via the Office of the Registrar Graduate Tuition Fees. Click on the Graduate and Professional Programs Fee Schedule. Tuition is listed by year, by term.

The Profession of Psychology

Psychology is a particularly diverse profession encompassing research, teaching and applied work. While the two former activities are relevant mainly, but by no means exclusively to universities, applied psychologists work in a wide variety of settings including: industry, management, the school systems, private practice, penitentiaries, and hospitals. Like members of all professions, the conduct of psychologists whether they are engaged in practice, teaching or research, is regulated by principles, standards and by statute

To learn more about the Profession of Psychology visit:

Career Opportunities with your Psychology Degree

Our graduate students go on to a variety of interesting employment opportunities following completion of their degree. 

Where Are They Now? (PDF, 192 KB)

Queen’s Psychology graduate students have their own Association.  Members of this student Association contribute to guiding the future of the graduate program at the Department of Psychology by serving on various departmental committees and also contribute to current graduate students’ success by serving as peer mentors.  Follow the link to AGSIP – The Association of Graduate Students in Psychology at Queen’s University to learn more.

The Association of Graduate Students in Psychology:  AGSIP

If you have general questions regarding our program, contact:

Giovanna Crocco
Graduate Program Administrator

Department of Psychology, 62 Arch Street
Queen's University
Kingston, ON K7L 3N6
Tel: 613-533-2872

If you have specific questions regarding our program, contact:

Mark Sabbagh, Ph.D.
Professor and Coordinator of Graduate Studies
Department of Psychology, 62 Arch Street
Queen's University
Kingston, ON K7L 3N6
Tel: 613-533-2873