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Election of the Rector

The Rector is elected by students to a three-year term, but until 1969 no students were chosen; instead, the Rector tended to be some prominent friend of Queen's, such as the senior public servant O.D. Skelton (1929-1935), former Prime Minister R.B. Bennett (1935-1937), and the businessman and chair of the CBC Leonard Brockington (1947-1968). In 1969, students forced the resignation of the Rector, Senator Grattan O'Leary - since that time, students have been elected to the post.

The students registered in academic programs of the University shall, in accordance with the By-laws of the University Council (Section F), elect a Rector to hold office for three years from the date of election or until a successor is elected, whichever is later.

The Rector represents and is responsible to all students of Queen's University. The Rector is an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees of Queen's University. The Rector may be called upon to participate in ceremonial and administrative functions as a representative of all students. Review the Committees and Official Duties of the Rector.

The Rector election normally occurs during the winter term but is subject to change at the discretion of the incumbent Rector.  The Rector is elected to serve a three year term and may be a member of the AMS or SGPS (Society of Graduate & Professional Studies), making it the largest campus-wide election.

Interested?  For more information, contact the Rector’s office.