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Anti-Racism Resources 

We know action is what is needed - whether it’s listening, learning, donating, or participating in the conversations, activism and community building that surround us.

And we are committed to doing more.

Read Queen’s University Administration’s August 13, 2020 Declaration of Commitment to Address Systemic Racism

Read the Provost’s June 8, 2020 Statement on Confronting Anti-Black Racism at Queen’s.

Read the Principal’s June 2, 2020 statement on anti-racism protests in the United States and Canada.

Resources to Help Educate, Engage, and Amplify

Queen’s resources
Human Rights and Equity Office - offers online training modules for the Queen’s community in the areas of Human Rights and Equity, Diversity, Inclusion. A recommended starting place for those who would like to explore and consider their own identity and positionality is the “Power, Privilege and Bias” module. While this module does not speak directly to racism or anti-racist action, an exploration of the themes of ‘power, privilege and bias’ is integral to building and progressing a foundational understanding of how racism operates, anti-racism and corresponding anti-racist action.
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