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Photo Gallery

Group presenting a birthday cake
Sonia Nobrega carrying Kate Buckeridge's 40th birthday cake
Group having a picnic lunch in Stokes field
Fieldwork picnic lunch on Queen's University Biological Station property
Tara and Casper at work
Tara Zamin and Casper Christiansen getting their fingers dirty as they sort root biomass at Daring Lake camp
Haiyan finishing party
Haiyan Chu saying a few words at his family's departure party after a 2 year postdoctoral fellowship with the Grogan lab
Professor Grogan taking a nap on the grass
A favourite resting spot up on the esker near Daring Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada
Group photo
Sean Doherty, Megan Rueckwald, Yvette Chirinian, Jordan Constant and Shelby Clarke at Jordan's study site in Stoke's field near Queen's University Biological Station
Nishka and Emma in the kitchen
Nishka Wright and Emma Hill making dinner at Daring Lake camp
Viewing Brian's greenhouse
Brian Reid - master of many trades - showing 'how things should be done'. Daring Lake, 2006.
Photo of Mat sorting
Mat Vankoughnett, Tamara Hansen (from Inuvik), and Meghan Laidlaw sorting harvested plants at Daring Lake camp
Group gather outside at Sonia outreach science camp
Sonia Nobrega giving a field demonstration of CO2 flux measurements to a group from the NWT Science camp
Group photo in front of an airplane
At the float dock, and ready for departure from Daring Lake
Group at bracken picnic 2013
Amanda Tracey and other helpers at the annual picnic lunch at Bracken Tract field experiment, near Newborn, Queen's Biological Station
Yvette dressed for halloween in the lab
Yvette at Halloween
Professor Grogan with a group at a climate strike
Climate march, March 2019
Professor Grogan giving a speech
Climate march, September 2019
Professor Grogan at a climate strike
Slow down
Professor Grogan giving a speech to a crowd
Climate march, September 2019
Professor Grogan giving a TV interview
"We need to keep fossil fuel carbon in the ground"
Group at Bracken Picnic 2017
Dr. Lonnie Aarssen and others at the annual picnic while maintaining our Bracken tract water/nutrient/deer exclosure experiment 
candid picture of Gerry and Casper
Gerry Palmer - renowned physicist and true gentleman - and Casper at the party for the latter's Ph.D. completion
Professor Grogan with Katie and Vanessa at Convocation
Graduation day outside Grant Hall
Group photo
Terrestrial Ecosystems Workshop biannual meeting where the Grogan lab joins up with Dr. Hugh Henry and his students from the Dept. of Biology at Western for mutual exchange
Picture of John and Louis
John Serafini and Louis G. preparing for some outdoor sledding at Casper's finishing party
Nishka and Casper with a dog
Nishka Wright, Casper Christiansen and Chalten all celebrating
Photo of Louis and John in the snow
Serafini sledding with enthusiasm
Candid photo of Sue and the Scotts
Drs Neal Scott, Sue Natali, and Scott Lamoureux and friends at Casper's finishing party
Photo of Professor Grogan conversing with a student
Our interactive hands-on display to encourage finishing first years to enter the Biology program
Professor Grogan interacting with students
It may look like dirt, but it's soil - an entire ecosystem!
Various samples on display
Soils, plants, geochemistry... we do it all!
samples on display
A demonstration of the influence of fertilizer and phosphorus in particular on plant growth and morphology
Group photo in the rain
Rainbreak - well at least partly - during field work at Stoke's Field

discover research warming Artic soils display

Michelle Lemieux and Sanna Masud filled with terrestrial ecosystem ecological wonder


The inaugural Meghan Hamp Frontenac Park lab hike (July 2021) From left: Me, Kieran Macfarlane, Willow, Meghan Hamp, and Mallory Sirimanne