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Vivaldi and his curious friends

Wed, Mar 15, 20237:30 pm
Doors open
Jennifer Velva Bernstein Performance Hall
General Public $45-$64, Faculty/Staff $41-$60, Students $10-$31
Baroque and Beyond
  • Arion Baroque Orchestra
    Arion Baroque Orchestra

Arion Baroque Orchestra

Mathieu Lussier, director Samantha Louis-Jean, soprano


Vivaldi—whether exuberant, dramatic, spiritual, or pastoral— is Vivaldi. But what happens when his works are transformed by the playful spirit of the French? His Four Seasons were already quite in vogue at the Paris Concert Spirituel under the successive leadership of Royer and Mondonville, whose beautiful orchestral works Arion will perform. The musette player Nicolas Chédeville concocted a lively arrangement of Vivaldi’s Spring, which will be interpreted by the virtuoso recorder player Vincent Lauzer. Even with a soupçon of French flavor, Vivaldi is unique in his lyric vein, as you will be persuaded by the magnetic soprano Samantha Louis-Jean.

Vivaldi and his curious friends

March 15, 2023 at 7:30 PM Isabel Bader, Kingston

Mathieu Lussier, direction

Samantha Louis-Jean, soprano

Vincent Lauzer, recorder

Arion Orchestre Baroque


Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)

Alma oppressa, excerpt from La fida ninfa, RV 614

Laudate pueri, RV 601

A solis ortu

Gloria patri e filio

Armatae face et angibus, excerpt from Juditha triumphans, RV 644

Un raggio di speme, excerpt from Orlando furioso, RV 728

Agitata da due venti,  excerpt from Griselda, RV 718


Nicolas Chedeville (1705-1782)

Les saisons amusantes op.8

                                   Concerto « le printemps »

                                   Concerto « La moisson »

Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace Royer (1703-1755)

Zaïde, ouverture

Jean-Joseph Cassanéa de Mondonville (1711-1772)

Sonate en symphonie n.1 en sol mineur

Charles-Henri de Blainville (1711-1769)

Symphonie dans un troisième mode

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