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Fundraising Exhibition and Balloted Art Sale

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Come celebrate Kingston’s great artistic talent!

Explore the exhibition Oct 10-14 and submit your ballot to purchase your favourite piece of art or experience. Find out if you’re the lucky owner by attending the Big Draw Event on Saturday, October 14 at 7:00 PM. Ballots will be drawn at 7:30 PM.

Art/experiences from: Donna Brown, Michelle Reid, Nancy Cervenko, Kelly Smith, Ingeborg Mohr, Linda Krakow, John Shea, Stacey Robb, Denise Sokolsky, Colton Fox, Barb Carr, Wendy Millard, Linda Sutherland, Margaret Hughes, Leanna Williams, Zillah Loney, Susanne Langlois, Debra Krakow, Natasha Jabre, Sarah Lewis, Carolyn Barnett, Tania Craan, Susan Paloschi, Evan Sharma, Leah Georgina Design, The Limestone Trio, the Isabel, Arlene Cassidy, Mary O'Brien, Donna Brown, Andia Wornes, Linda Coulter, June Lang, Rhéni Tauchid, Meghan Holmberg, Michèle LaRose, Rebecca Anweiler, John Duchene, Bird Girl Art, Natalie Bohnen-Twiddy, Shaun Seaman, Rosalyn Insley, Adele Webster, Havery Shultz, Dianne Lister, Mathew Dragomir, micky renders, Tudor Chibacu, Ron Abreau, Gerard Breder à Brandis, Bob Young, and Kay Kenney Johnson. 

Proceeds from Art for All are directed to support the artists and collaborative programming between the Isabel and the Tett.