Faded Memories of Home by Tom Wilson

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The Art and Media Lab
The Isabel
Artist Tom Wilson
Looming Nuns
Faded Memories of Home

September 11-28, 2023 / Art & Media Lab Monday-Friday, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

This installation explores the systemic erasure of Indigenous culture in residential schools. Portraying a colonial classroom, the exhibit includes nine rebuilt residential school desks with photographs of children’s families inside. As you move further in the rows, the images disappear representing the loss of identities, family, culture, and language. 

Tom Wilson is a musician, visual artist and writer of novels and non-fiction. At the age of fifty-three, it was revealed to him that he was adopted, and his parents were Kahnawake Mohawks. Moreover, the woman he’d been raised to believe was his aunt was his mother. Since then, Wilson has explored what his white upbringing means against the juxtaposition of his family and culture.

Photo of Tom Wilson by Jose Crespo.