BeWell@VPFA Grant

The Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration) is committed to creating and promoting a healthy and sustainable community.

The BeWell@VPFA Wellness Grant was a 2023 - 2024 pilot program that provided funding to support small-scale workplace well-being activities and projects. Initiatives supported by the grant program have contributed toward the goal of establishing and nurturing a vibrant, caring, and thoughtful portfolio environment.


Participation Day was intended to build new workplace relationships through sporting and hobby-based networking events.

Staff with common interests participated in several activities. Participants were asked to respond to activity interest surveys and to pick a slot in which they wished to participate. Organizers scheduled each staff member into three activities to facilitate social networking opportunities existed.

The day included a common picnic lunch to allow everyone to come together, sharing with coworkers their morning experiences and to deepen bonds made through the morning activities. After lunch, staff attended a varsity soccer match, to cheer on the women's Golden Gales.

Activities for the day were:

  • Squash for beginners 
  • Indoor basketball
  • Strength conditioning boot camp
  • Stationary cycling
  • Soccer
  • Ultimate frisbee
  • Kite building and flying
  • Multiple lawn games
  • School spirit activities (posters to support the Queen's Golden Gales soccer team)

Risk & Safety Services (RSS) team members, led by Erin Haworth of Campus Security and Emergency Services, applied for the BeWell@VPFA Grant to support the portfolio's efforts of incorporating Indigenous Artwork into shared spaces. 

RSS partnered with Sa-Cinn Native Enterprises Ltd, a company dedicated to the promotion of the First Nations People heritage. Winona, the owner, and her daughter, Adele, provided connections with a variety of artists from across Canada.

After much deliberation, 14 art pieces of various sizes were selected. These pieces are representative of those who share work space within RSS, as well as the campus community the RSS portfolio is dedicated to supporting and safeguarding. 

BeWell Grant

Building on the success of the BeWell@VPFA Grant program, Human Resources is offering a one-year pilot grant program supporting wellness initiatives for 2024-25. 

The BeWell Grant provides funding to support small-scale workplace well-being activities and projects as we work together to establish and nurture a vibrant, caring, and thoughtful university environment.

BeWell Grant

Thank you to the following organizations for consultation and use of their documents to guide the development of the BeWell@VPFA Wellness Grant Program.