The Economics Department at Queen’s has a long tradition as one of Canada’s leading teaching and research centres in economics. The undergraduate programs we offer promote a comprehensive investigation of many aspects of the subject, with an emphasis on contemporary analytical principles and methods. Those who pursue a concentration in economics or applied economics will take courses in advanced economic analysis, statistical techniques, the historical background of today's economies, and the application of economic theory to public finance, international relations, natural resources and the environment, business cycles, labour markets, and the economic systems of other countries. Economics students at Queen’s acquire a diverse portfolio of analytical, quantitative, computational, and communications skills that provide excellent preparation for a wide range of post-graduation education and career opportunities. Our recent graduates have pursued graduate studies in economics and professional programs such as finance, business administration, public administration, law, industrial relations, information technology and resource management, and they have embarked on careers in the private sector, with non-governmental organizations and with the public sector in key positions of responsibility at all three levels of government. 

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