Bachelor of Music Transfers

Students admitted to the Bachelor of Music Program will have been placed in the Music Specialization Plan. Note that Music Major, Medial and Minor (Arts) Plans are also available. These Plans lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree, and registration in these Plans is through the regular Plan Selection process.

Transfer from the B. Mus.:  Students in the Bachelor of Music Program who wish to transfer from the Music Specialization to a different Arts and Science Plan, may do so by submitting the form at the bottom of the page (change of plan process). There is no return to the Bachelor of Music without submitting an application through Undergraduate Admission and undergoing an audition (this includes those students who transfer to the Music Major, Medial or Minor and who then want to return to the Bachelor of Music). It is prudent to seek academic advice from the School of Music or from an academic advisor in Arts and Science before changing your Plan.

Transfer to the B. Mus.:  Students who wish to transfer to the Bachelor of Music Program -- Music Specialization Plan from another Plan in Arts and Science (including the Music Major, Medial or Minor) must apply through the Faculty of Arts and Science office; first-years through SOLUS and upper-years through the plan change process. Applicants are required to perform an audition. There are limited spaces available, and it is prudent to seek advice from the School of Music before initiating this process.

The School of Music has these general policies in place:

  • Students are also strongly advised to have completed RCM Advanced Rudiments (Grade II) harmony. (Students who have taken MUSC191 at Queen's prior to their application to transfer, and passed with at least a C-, may be considered for enrolment in MUSC291 instead of MUSC191).
  • The performance audition may be waived if the student has been taking an applied study course (MUSC*24) in their other program.  If the student has not taken a MUSC*24 course, they will have to play an audition, and are subject to the prerequisites required for their proposed major instrument as specified on the School of Music website. (The Auditions coordinator prefers that prospective transfers call the School of Music to arrange an ad hoc audition on a weekday, rather than have them sign up for one of the scheduled audition days for prospective new students).
  • If the student is not already known to the School of Music in some capacity (already taking music courses, or having spoken with the Director or the Chair of Undergraduate Studies about a transfer), an informal interview at the same time as an audition is required.

Interested students should telephone the School of Music at 613-533-2066 and speak to the auditions coordinator (Kim Ison) or the Chair of Undergraduate Studies.

Pending a decison on admission to the BMUS plan, ASC1 students should still participate in the Plan Selection Process and choose an alternate plan in early May in case they are not accepted into the Bachelor of Music Program.