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Biology is the study of living systems and their interactions with the environment. The hierarchy of biological organization ranges from molecule to cell to organism to population to community to ecosystem to biome, and includes both plants and animals. Studies at each level require different techniques and approaches, but a basic knowledge of the various levels and the interactions between them is essential for an understanding of the discipline as a whole.

In their first two years, Queen's Biology students take a common set of courses to prepare them for more specialized courses in third and fourth year. Many of these early courses are shared with other science departments at the University, allowing undergraduates to move fairly easily between biology, life sciences, and other science programs.

Students have an opportunity to develop a broad knowledge of biology that is integrated with dynamic, high quality research programs in specialized areas including molecular biology, cell and developmental biology, genetics, animal and plant physiology, ecology, evolution and behaviour. Studies in these areas provide fundamental knowledge for a range of professions such as medicine, biotechnology, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, conservation and management of the environment.

Many courses in biology involve laboratory studies and field trips. The latter are provided in the unique environmental setting of the Biological Station on Lake Opinicon and around the world. The department occupies the recently completed BioSciences Complex which includes the most modern equipment and laboratories for leading edge research. Courses in chemistry, physics, biochemistry and mathematics are also a regular part of the biologist's training. All our programs incorporate modern computer resources and skills in a seamless fashion.

High School Background Required

Arts Concentrations: 4U Biology, Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus, Chemistry or recognized equivalents strongly recommended

Science Concentrations: 4U Biology, Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus and Chemistry or recognized equivalents required; 4U Geometry and Discete Mathematics, Biology, and Physics or recognized equivalent are recommended

Life After Graduation

  • Forensic DNA analysis/medical diagnostics
  • Medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine
  • Environmental law
  • Biotechnology/pharmaceutical research companies/equipment sales
  • Fish Aquaculture
  • Graduate studies in biology
  • Wildlife/ecosystem/natural resource management
  • Environmental consulting

First Year Requirements

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Further Information

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