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In the fall of 2001 Queen's University introduced a new program in computational biology and medical informatics: Bachelor of Science Computing (Honours), Subject of Specialization in Biomedical Computing. This is the first program of its kind in Canada.

Biomedical Computing involves the application of computational methods for the advancement of biological and medical science. Activities in this area range from data acquisition, robotics and laboratory analysis to the dissemination, storage and retrieval of knowledge.

Modern biomedical computing is rooted in a broad range of application areas. Imaging needs from microscopy to mammography have motivated and relied on advances in imaging science. Medical data storage and access systems benefit from the study of information retrieval. Algorithms and software development are of key importance in areas such as genome sequence analysis and acquisition, which also depend on techniques from statistics and artificial intelligence.

As well as receiving a broad scientific education and a deep understanding of computational science, students in the program will be greatly in demand in companies that carry out drug design, biotechnology, medical image interpretation, bioinformatics, etc. Graduates of the program will also have the core skills to enter traditional employment in computer companies as well as medical laboratories. They will be ideally suited for graduate studies, medical school, or research and development in computational biology or medical computing.

High School Background Required

Grade 4U Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, and Chemistry or recognized equivalents required; Grade 4U Biology and Computer Science, or recognized equivalents are strongly recommended

Life After Graduation

  • Founder of cutting-edge, start-up company
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms
  • Computational biology
  • Graduate studies, medical school

First Year Requirements

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Further Information

Computing Advisor:
R. Ellis, School of Computing (613) 533-6536
Life Sciences Advisors:
P. Davies, Biochemistry (613) 533-2983
S. Smith, Biochemistry (61) 533-3188
G. Blohm, Life Sciences (613) 533-3385
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