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Computers permeate our society, finding application in every conceivable area, including medicine, economics, the social sciences, and engineering. The School offers a range of courses and degree programs, to serve the needs of students with either major or minor interest in computer science. Both theoretical and practical aspects of computer science are explored. An undergraduate has the opportunity to take courses in areas such as artificial intelligence, computer architecture, data bases, human-computer interfaces, medical informatics, graphics, and software engineering. Many of these courses are taught by world experts in the field. Students are prepared for work in industry, or for advanced study in areas such as computer vision, parallel computing, and robotics. The School also offers multi-disciplinary programs in Cognitive Science, Computing and the Creative Arts and Biomedical Computing.

Students wishing to combine studies in computer science and other fields are encouraged to consider the combined medial programs offered in cooperation with other Arts and Science departments.

First-year computing courses are taught using a laboratory of high-performance workstations. Upper year courses are taught using a variety of equipment, including a network of PCs and Linux workstations.

The information technology industry is booming and graduates from our undergraduate programs have an extremely high success rate in entering careers with industry leaders such as Nortel, Newbridge Networks, IBM and Microsoft. There is also an abundance of opportunities for employment in smaller, more specialized companies.

Students from our School have been successful in gaining admission to some of the most prestigious graduate programs in computer science, including those at the University of Toronto, Waterloo, Cornell, Stanford, MIT and here at Queen's.

The School is an enthusiastic supporter of the Queen's Internship Program (QUIP), under which students embark on a 12 to 16 month work placement between their third and fourth years of study. This promotes strong connections between the academic and industrial worlds.

High School Background Required

Arts Concentrations: 4U Geometry and Geometry and Discrete Mathematics or recognized equivalents

Science and Computing Concentrations: Advanced Functions, and Calculus and Vectors, or recognized equivalents.

Life After Graduation

  • Founder of cutting-edge, start-up company
  • Software research and development
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms
  • Internet security/privacy
  • Virtual reality/telepresence
  • Artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Computational biology
  • Graduate studies/medical school

First Year Requirements

Arts Concentrations:

  • Bachelor of Arts Minor: CISC 121*/124* (or 101*/121*/124*), MATH 111 or 121 (or 110 or 120 or 126).

Science Concentrations:

  • Bachelor of Computing General: CISC 121*/124* (or 101*/121*/124*), MATH 111 (or 110), MATH 121 (or 120 or 122).
  • Bachelor of Computing (Honours) Major: CISC 121*/124* (or 101*/121*/124*), MATH 111 (or 110), MATH 121 (or 120).

Further Information

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Phone: (613) 533-6050

Fax: (613) 533-6513


First Year Requirements

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