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The Department of Drama at Queen's aims to provide a balanced study of the elements of the theatre from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Students and faculty value the many ways in which learning can take place: lectures, seminars, and studio courses involving the development, rehearsal and presentation of practical projects, as well as independent study and presentations; theatre labs; talks and presentations by guest artists and scholars; attendance at shows; and participation in main stage and studio productions for the public. Courses are available in dramatic literature, directing, acting, technical production and stage design, playwriting, theatre history, and dramatic theory and criticism. Auditions are not required for entrance to the program.

Learning takes place in an informal, congenial atmosphere. All courses involve some form of research, development, and presentation of written and practical projects, as well as independent study. Presentations and workshops by guest artists and scholars, as well as student participation in main stage and studio productions for the public are also an important part of our program. Students from all years may audition for roles on-stage, or volunteer to work backstage in a wide variety of technical and design areas.

Drama is closely linked to the other creative arts departments, especially Film, through the Stage and Screen Studies degree program. Students in this program take an equal number of courses in drama and film, plus electives in art and/or music.

Minor, medial or major concentrations in drama may be taken with or without a background in drama or the theatre. First-year students take DRAM 100* (Introduction to the Theatre).

Also please see Stage and Screen Studies.

High School Background Required

No specific high school course is required to pursue a concentration in Drama

Life After Graduation

  • Acting in theatrical, television and movie productions
  • Writing for stage and screen
  • Producing, directing, or designing in various media
  • Technical production and stage management in theatre
  • Teaching/post-graduate studies
  • Working in any field requiring written or oral communication skills, such as press relations, journalism, editing, etc.
  • Working in management in various fields

First Year Requirements

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Further Information

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