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As Canadians have become more aware of the seriousness of environmental problems, so, too, have we realized that solutions are not simple, either scientifically or socio-economically. These problems typically involve interactions among the geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere, and without adequate understanding, many solutions create their own problems, which may be as serious as the original. Scientific "fixes" also will not work if people are unwilling to accept the technology or its cost; no environmental issue can be treated in isolation from societal concerns. Therefore, to work in the environmental field, students need an appreciation of the scope and complexity of environmental systems, expertise in a related discipline, and the ability to deal with the socio-economic dimensions of an issue.

The Environmental Studies programs require a concentration in both the Environmental Sciences and a Humanities discipline. Environmental courses include Core introductory science courses in areas such as Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geological Sciences and Mathematics, plus Integrative courses in subjects including environmental history, sociology, economics, and policy. To complete the BA, students select a discipline that provides strength in an area such as Development Studies, Economics, Human Geography, History, Sociology, Philosophy, or Political Studies.

See also Environmental Science in the Natural and Physical Sciences section.

High School Background Required

Any 4U Mathematics and Chemistry or recognized equivalents recommended.

Life After Graduation

  • Government agencies (such as the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Canada)
  • Environmental assessment/environmental effects monitoring/environmental analysis
  • Teaching/research
  • Law/journalism/non-governmental organizations

First Year Requirements

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