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Learning about the past helps us learn how to understand our heritage, and how to unravel the complexities of an increasingly interdependent world.

The History program at Queen's will provide you with a sophisticated introduction to a variety of approaches to the past, and hone your analysis, discussion, research, and writing skills. You can explore such diverse areas as the Crusades, slavery and race relations, native history in the Americas, the Russian Revolution, the problems of 20th-century Canadian unity, the economic development of Africa, and the perception and treatment of women in North America.

If you would like a unique overseas experience, you may be eligible to attend Queen's International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle in England, in your second or third year.

High School Background Required

No specific high school course is required to pursue a concentration in History

Life After Graduation

  • Graduate studies/teaching
  • Law
  • International Relations
  • Marketing, corporate communications, public relations
  • Public administration
  • Research consulting
  • Libraries and museums
  • Non-profit organizations

First Year Requirements

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