Medieval Studies

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The Middle Ages had a vigorous intellectual and artistic life which made invaluable contributions to the development of western culture. The aim of the Minor Concentration in Medieval Studies is to enable students both to study one particular subject (Classics, English, History, or Philosophy) in depth and to explore the culture of the Middle Ages from the perspectives of a number of different disciplines: the study of language and literature, of the fine arts, of society and culture. During the Middle Ages, the various branches of the arts and literature were closely interdependent, as well as being profoundly influenced by philosophical and religious thought. The program therefore offers students the opportunity to study a single subject in depth while also providing the complementary breadth that enables insight into this remote period and culture.

High School Background Required

No specific high school course is required

First Year Requirements

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Faculty Co-ordinator: Scott-Morgan Straker (English)
tel: 613-533-6000 ext. 74424

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