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Politics is about power-who has it and how it is exercised by nation-states, individuals, groups, classes, or political parties, and how different interests are reconciled in and between communities. Political science is also concerned with institutions created to govern communities, as well as practices such as voting habits or protests, and how rules, behaviour and culture are created in societies. And since power in society is often dependent upon material resources, political scientists study the distribution of wealth, both within and between nations.

Queen's Department of Political Studies has an illustrious history dating back more than 100 years. Political scientists divide their discipline into several fields of study. At Queen's, we cover political theory, comparative politics (the politics of both developed industrialized countries as well as developing countries), international relations, Canadian politics, and gender and politics.

The Department of Political Studies teaches critical thinking and analytical writing. These are not only a necessary part of citizenship in a democracy but also are essential to a variety of careers. With a degree in Political Studies, our students have gone on to graduate schools, law and journalism. Politics graduates are found in as diverse occupations as corporate finance, lobbying and teaching. Our graduates work in a variety of national and international settings such as development agencies, public opinion firms, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, or local and national government.

Queen's politics students are active in a number of clubs and organizations on campus where they can apply the skills they learn in the classroom. Students sharpen their debating skills at the Queen's Model Parliament. They discuss international issues at the Queen's Model UN or with the Queen's International Affairs Association.

High School Background Required

No specific high school course is required to pursue a concentration in Political Studies

Life After Graduation

  • Public service
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Teaching
  • Graduate studies
  • Business

First Year Requirements

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