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Religious Studies is increasingly important as awareness grows of the role of religions in a global and international context. There is a difference between studying religion and being religious. Interest in the study of religion does not presuppose affiliation with any particular religious institution. Concentrators in Religious Studies are introduced to a variety of religious traditions, an understanding of the place of the religions in various cultural settings, and an understanding of the status and roles of both women and men in relation to religious traditions. We present a variety of approaches to studying religion, e.g., historical, literary, philosophical, ethical and social scientific.

We expect our students to develop the capacity for self-conscious and critical analysis of and reflection on the religious in its varying forms and contexts to enable astute commentary on the religious in the contemporary world. We encourage our students to appreciate and respect different scholarly viewpoints, and different cultural, religious and gender perspectives.

First-year students may choose from two introductory courses: World Religions/Religious Worlds, which explores a variety of religious traditions such as Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism; and Contemporary Problems in Religion and Culture, which focuses on religious approaches to issues such as social ethics, ecology, and feminism.

Graduates with a Queen's B.A. in Religious Studies have also gone on to careers in law, medicine, social work, public relations and business.


High School Background Required

No specific high school course is required to pursue a concentration in Religious Studies

Life After Graduation

  • Teaching/graduate studies
  • Health services
  • Law
  • Social work
  • Journalism
  • Social Work
  • Diplomacy

First Year Requirements

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