I want to study...Biology

To pursue a Plan in BIOL, in first year you should take:

BIOL 102/3.0 and BIOL 103/3.0 (Biology: See what BIOL course should I take?)

CHEM 112/6.0 (see first year Chemistry)

MATH 121/6.0 (calculus: see What MATH course should I take?)

It is highly recommended that you take:

PHYS 117/6.0 or PHYS 106/6.0 or PHYS 104/6.0 (Physics: see What PHYS course should I take?)

PLEASE NOTE: Physics is not required to complete a Biology Plan.  But, if you don’t take first year physics, and you change your mind, you will find it much harder to change to a Chemistry, Geology, or a Life Science Plan in the future.



For a list of electives see here