Drama (DRAM)

First Year Drama

DRAM 100/6.0     Introduction to the Theatre

DRAM 100/6.0 is the first year course that introduces you to the study of Drama.  Students at the Bader International Study Centre instead register in DRAM 181/6.0 (Introduction to Current Theatre), which is equivalent for all academic purposes.  Any student interested in pursuing a Plan in Drama or Stage and Screen should register in this course.  This course is a good elective for any Arts student. 


NOTE:  All 6.0 unit courses are multi-term courses. These courses are offered across the Fall and Winter Terms.  When students enrol in the "A" suffix course in the Fall Term, the "B" suffix will automatically be added to the Winter Term.Both halves of the course will be offered at the same time in the course timetable.

SECTIONED COURSE:  This course is offered in more than one tutorial section.  When you register in the course, you must choose the tutorial sections that best suit your timetable.