Geography (GPHY)

Geograpahy:  What GPHY course should I take?

The Department of Geography offers a number of first year courses.  Your choice of course depends on which courses are offered, your background, interests, and what subject you may wish to study in upper years.

GPHY 101/3.0     Human Geography


GPHY 102/3.0     Earth System Science

GPHY 101/3.0 and GPHY 102/3.0 introduce you to the study of Geography at the university level.  GPHY101/3.0 focuses on Human Geography, while GPHY 102/3.0 focuses on Physical Geography.  They may be taken in either order.  All students who are interested in pursuing any of the following Plans should take both courses in their first year:  Environmental Studies, Environmental Science, or Geography.  Either or both of these courses are also good electives for any Arts or Science student.

GPHY 103/3.0     Water Resources

GPHY 104/3.0     Forests as a Global Resource

GPHY 103/3.0 and GPHY 104/3.0 introduce the study of water resources and forest resources, respectively.  They are intended primarily for students in upper years who wish to pursue an elective course in Geography.  Students who are planning to pursue a Geography, Environmental Studies or Environmental Science Plan should not take these courses in first year.  Students who wish to take an elective in Geography may take these courses but should be aware that GPHY 101/3.0 and/or GPHY 102/3.0 are likely better choices as they offer more flexibility in upper-year.