History (HIST)

History:  What HIST course should I take?

The Department of History offers three first-year courses in History on the Queen’s main campus, and one at the Bader International Study Centre.  Students may choose one of the following:

HIST 121/6.0     The Intellectual Origins of the Contemporary West

HIST 122/6.0     The Making of the Modern World

HIST 124/6.0     Canada in the World

HIST 125/6.0     The Evolution of Modern Europe (available to students at the Bader International Study Centre and on-line through Continuing and Distance Studies.)

All four courses offer students an introduction to the study of history at the university level.  Any one (but no more than one) of these courses should be taken by any student who intends to pursue a Plan in History.  Note that HIST 124/6.0 will satisfy the Canadian History requirement of all History Plans, though you are free to take any Canadian History course to fulfill this requirement later on in your studies.  HIST 121/6.0 or HIST 122/6.0 should be taken by a student who intends to pursue a Plan in Medieval Studies.  Any one of these courses is a good elective choice for any student in Arts.  If undecided, choose the HIST course that best suits your interests. 

HIST 121, HIST 122 and HIST 124 are 6.0 unit courses and are multi-term courses offered in the Fall/Winter term. When students enroll in the "A" suffix course in the Fall Term, the "B" suffix will automatically be added to the Winter Term. Both halves of the lecture course will be offered at the same time in each term. These sectioned courses also include a tutorial component. When students register in the Lecture they must also register in a Tutorial section that best suits their timetable.

HIST 125 is also a 6.0 unit course but may be offered in the Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer terms.