Health Studies (HLTH)

Health Studies:  What HLTH course should I take?

HLTH 101/3.0     Social Determinants of Health


HLTH 102/3.0     Physical Determinants of Health

HLTH 101/3.0 and HLTH 102/3.0 are the first year courses that introduce you to the Health Studies.  HLTH 101/3.0 introduces you to the social determinants of health and the grade earned in this course will be the basis of entry to the Health Plan at the end of first year as well as your cumulative GPA.  HLTH 102/3.0 to the physical determinants of health.  They may be taken in either order.  All students interested in pursuing a Plan in Health Studies should take both courses.  Students in either a Kinesiology or Physical and Health Education Plan must take HLTH 101/3.0 but may not take HLTH 102/3.0 (they instead take KNPE 125/3.0 which covers the same subject matter from a physiological perspective).  Either or both of these courses are a good elective for any Arts student. 

SECTIONED COURSES:  These courses ars offered in more than one lecture and/or tutorial section.  When you register in the course, you must choose the lecture and tutorial sections that best suit your timetable.

REGISTRATION RESTRICTION:  Priority access to Arts students (both courses) or Kinesiology and Physical and Health Education students (HLTH 101/3.0 only) during the July 14th - 27th Enrolment period.  These courses will become available to all students during the Open Enrolment periods between July 28th and August 1st and then again on September 3rd, as space permits.