Music (MUSC)

Music:  What MUSC course should I take?

The School of Music offers a number of first year courses.  Your choice of course depends on your background, interests, and what subject you may wish to study in upper years.  Some courses are only available to students in the Bachelor of Music Program and they have not been listed here.  If you are a Bachelor of Music student (B. Mus.), please visit for information regarding your course selections.  NOTE:  If you are a B.Mus. student, the School of Music will register you in your first-year core Music courses. 

MUSC P52/3.0 (Arts and Science Students)

MUSC 101/3.0, MUSC 102/3.0, MUSC 171/3.0 and MUSC 289/3.0 (Arts and Science Students)

MUSC 103/3.0 and MUSC 191/6.0 (B.Mus. and Arts and Science Students with permission)

MUSC 124/6.0 (Arts and Science Students with successful audition)


MUSC P52/3.0

This is a course in Music Rudiments for students who have not achieved the Royal Conservatory Grade II Rudiments with first-class honours standing.  It is designed primarily as a prerequisite for MUSC 103/3.0 and MUSC 191/6.0 and is recommended for students who wish to pursue a Medial or Major Plan in Music but do not hold this qualification.  This course is not always available.

MUSC 101/3.0 and MUSC 102/3.0 (Arts and Science Students)

These courses are an introduction to the study of the History of Western Art Music.  They are designed primarily for those students who wish to take an elective in Music or who want to pursue a Minor Plan in Music.  They should not be taken by B. Mus. Students or by any student who plans to pursue a Major or Medial in Music.

REGISTRATION:  Not open to B.Mus. students

MUSC 171/3.0 and MUSC 289/3.0 (B.Mus. and Arts and Science Students)

These courses are an introduction to the Social History of Popular Music and World Music, respectively.  They are designed for both B.Mus students and Arts and Science students who plan to Major, Medial or Minor in Music.  These courses are also elective options for students in either the faculty of Arts and Science or other faculties.

MUSC 103/3.0 and MUSC 191/6.0 (B.Mus. and Arts and Science Students)

These two courses focus on Music and Society and on Music Theory and Analysis, respectively.  Bachelor of Music students must take both courses in first year.  Arts and Science students who intend to pursue a Major or Medial Plan in Music may take these courses if they hold Royal Conservatory Advanced Rudiments or have taken MUSC P52/3.0.  These courses are not normally taken by students pursuing a Minor in Music, or by students intending to use them as electives.

MUSC 124/6.0 (Arts and Science Students)

MUSC 124/6.0 is a course of private instrumental or vocal instruction for Arts and Science students.  Note that students must be able to perform at either Royal Conservatory Grade IX Piano, or Grade VIII for all other instruments and vocalists.  Contact the School of Music to arrange an audition (note: auditions for MUSC 124 typically occur before the beginning of classes in September).

REGISTRATION:  Not open to B.Mus. students.  Arts and Science students register with permission of the School of Music.  A supplemental fee (approximately $1600) is charged in addition to the regular tuition fee for private lessons.

Music Ensembles (B.Mus., Arts and Science)

Vocal Ensembles:   MUSC 160/1.5; MUSC 167/1.5;

Instrumental Ensembles:  MUSC 162/1.5; MUSC 165/1.5; MUSC 166/1.5; MUSC 168/1.5; MUSC 169/1.5; MUSC 178/1.5; MUSC 179/1.5

Music Ensembles range from small chamber ensembles to larger orchestral ensembles or choirs.  They focus on rehearsal and public performance of music throughout the academic year.  Registration is by audition.  All B.Mus students must enrol in one vocal ensemble during  their first year.  They may register in up to two ensembles in any given academic year and up to six over the course of their degree.  Arts and Science students may also audition to participate in ensembles.

REGISTRATION:  By audition, with permission of the School of Music.

NOTE: Multi-term 6.0 unit courses are offered across the Fall and Winter Term. When students enrol in the "A" suffix course in the Fall Term, the "B" suffix will automatically be added to the Winter Term. Both halves of the course will be offered at the same time in the course timetable.