Practicum (PACT)

First-year Physical Activity Practicum

PACT P01/0.0     Aquatics

PACT 100/3.0     Fundamental Practicum in Physical Activity

PACT 100/3.0 (Fundamental Practicum in Physical Activity) is a required practicum course for the BPHE (Honours) plan.  PACT P01/0.0 (Aquatics) is a recommended practicum course and is required for students who want to enrol in PACT 338/3.0 (Outdoor Education).

  • All students in the Bachelor of Physical and Health Eduction must take PACT 100/3.0 in their first year. 
  • Students who enrol in PACT P01/0.0 are strongly encouraged to complete it by the end of their second year.  Students who have a current Bronze Medallion may provide supporting documentation to the SKHS Undergraduate Office to be granted an automatic pass in PACT P01/0.0.

REGISTRATION:  Open to Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (Honours) students only.
NOTE: Practica courses in physical education are not open to Kinesiology or any other Arts and Science students.