Choose Your Course...By Plan or Program

I Want to Study...(ASC1  Students)

Most students are admitted to the Faculty of Arts and Science as first year Arts and Science (also known as ASC1).  You will normally choose 30.0 units in first year, and can choose from almost any subject on offer in the Faculty.  Follow this link to look up what course(s) you need to take in first year if you decide to pursue a Plan in that subject area in upper years.  Suggestions on appropriate electives to accompany that subject are also given.

I Have Been Admitted To...(Direct Entry Programs)

Students admitted to Kinesiology, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Fine Art and Physical and Health Education have defined first year programs.  Follow this link to find out exactly what courses you must register in, and what electives are available to you.

Concurrent Education 

Students in Concurrent Education are registered in both the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Faculty of Education.  In addition to your Arts and Science course choices, you must also register in certain Education courses.  This link will take you to the Faculty of Education website for more information.