I want to study...Environmental Studies

Environmental Science(Arts students only)

Environmental Studies is one of the most interdisciplinary subjects available in the Faculty of Arts and Science, and it must be pursued in conjunction with another subject.  Arts students may pursue the ENVS Medial Plan in conjunction another Medial Plan in the Arts. Or, they may pursue the ENVS Minor in conjunction with a Major in an Arts subject. 

Science students can pursue the ENVS Minor Plan in conjunction with a Major in a Science subject.  Science students may also pursue a Major or Specialization in Environmental Science (see I want to study...Environmental Science). 


To pursue a Plan in ENVS, during your first year you should take:

BIOL 111/3.0 or BIOL 103/3.0 (Biology:  see What BIOL course should I take?)

GPHY 101/3.0 and 102/3.0 (Geography:  see What GPHY course should I take?)

At least 3.0 units GEOL at the 100-level (Geology:  see What GEOL course should I take?  If undecided, choose GEOL 104/3.0)

At least 3.0 units from any MATH (see What MATH course should I take?) or CHEM 112/6.0 (see first year Chemistry.)  (If undecided, choose MATH 121/6.0)


For a list of electives see here