I have been admitted to...Music (Bachelor of Music)

The Bachelor of Music is a direct entry program in Arts and Science.  If you want to study Music as a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) student, and have not been admitted to the Bachelor of Music Program, instead follow:  I want to study...Music

If you have been admitted to MUSC-P-BMS, in first year you must take:

MUSC 103/3.0 (Musicology) and MUSC 191/6.0 (Music Theory)

MUSC 127/3.0 and MUSC 128/3.0 (Musicianship)

MUSC 120/6.0 (Applied Study:  Note that students who meet higher standards of performing ability may  audition in September for acceptance into the “double credit” Applied Study courses MUSC 120/6.0 and MUSC 125/6.0 in lieu of MUSC 120/6.0.  If you audition successfully, you may change your registration at that time.  In addition to their private lessons, students in these advanced courses perform a public recital at the end of first year)

One of:  MUSC 180/3.0; MUSC 181/3.0; MUSC 183/3.0; MUSC 185/3.0; MUSC 187/3.0; MUSC 188/3.0 (Music Education courses:  choose the course related to an instrument which is not your primary performance instrument)

One of:  (Vocal Ensembles) MUSC 160/1.5; MUSC 167/1.5; MUSC 162/1.5; MUSC 165/1.5; MUSC 166/1.5; MUSC 168/1.5; MUSC 169/1.5; MUSC 178/1.5; MUSC 179/1.5 (Note that over the course of your degree, you must take at least one vocal ensemble, therefore it might be advisable to select a vocal ensemble in first year)


For a list of electives see here