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Theological Hall
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Director (Drama): Craig Walker
Associate Director (Music):
Ireneus Zuk
Undergraduate Chair: Kim Renders
Administrator: Lee Atkinson

The Drama programs within the Dan School of Drama and Music emphasizes a balanced approach in which theory informs practice and practice informs theory. We study all aspects of theatre, from acting and directing to theatre history and dramatic literature, and we offer a variety of opportunities to become involved with our productions, which have been described as “intriguing work that meets a high level of accomplishment”. Some of our popular offerings include Music Theatre, Acting, Technical Production and our summer courses in residence at the Shaw Festival. We also offer an internship course in which students work with a professional theatre company. Our graduates are broadly resourceful thinkers and practitioners able to work comfortably and confidently in a wide range of professions. Studying Drama at Queen’s can take place in three main locations – Theological Hall, one of Queen’s oldest buildings and often referred to as the most dramatic building on campus; our Castle in England or at the new, world-class Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts.

Watch a snippet from one of our Drama courses:

Degree Options

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - BAH

Specialization in Stage and Screen
A specialization that incorporates an even count of courses between Film and Media and Drama, along with a introduction to either Art or Music with room for elective courses.

Specialization in Computing and the Creative Arts (COCA)
This specialization consists of the majority of the courses in Computing and a SubPlan such as Art, Drama, Music or Film and Media with room for elective courses.

Major in Drama
A major is an intensive course of study in one discipline, with approximately half of your courses within the discipline with room for an optional minor in any other Arts and Science discipline.

Medial in Drama
A dual course of study in Drama and any other Arts discipline.

Minor in Drama
A minor is a less intensive course of study in the discipline that must be combined with a major in another discipline.

Bachelor of Arts - BA

General in Drama
A less intense course of study leading to a 3-year degree.

For a full list of Degree Plans, see the Academic Calendar

Courses Available to First-Year Students 2015-16

DRAM100: Introduction to the Theatre (Full-year)
An exploration of stage production, acting, directing, playwriting, theatre history, dramatic analysis and criticism through use of plays chosen from various periods and representing different styles and genres. Opportunities given for practical projects.

Job and Career Opportunities for Drama Grads

The Dan School of Drama and Music at Queen's is unique in aiming to provide a balanced study of the elements of the theatre from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Students and faculty value the many ways in which learning can take place: lectures, seminars, and studio courses involving the development, rehearsal and presentation of practical projects, as well as independent study and presentations; theatre labs; talks and presentations by guest artists and scholars; attendance at shows; and participation in main stage and studio productions for the public. Combined groupings of courses are available in the literature of drama, directing, acting, technical production and stage design, play-writing, theatre history, and dramatic theory and criticism. Auditions are not required for entrance to the program.

Some of our Drama grads career paths include:

  • Advertising Art and Design
  • Arts Administration
  • Broadcasting - Radio and T.V.
  • Business Administration and Management Coaching
  • Consumer Services
  • Corporate Training / Development
  • Counselling
  • Dance Performance
  • Education
  • Film Industry
  • Foreign Service
  • Fundraising
  • Human Resources
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Mediation - Labour Relations
  • Negotiation
  • Police Work
  • Promotions
  • Public Administration & Policy
  • Public Relations
  • Social Work
  • Special Effects
  • Theatre Performance
  • Tourism & Travel

What to do with a degree in Drama handout from Career Services >

Drama Electives for Non-Drama Students

DRAM 100/6.0 Introduction to the Theatre
This first year course that introduces you to the study of Drama. This course is a good elective for any Arts student.

DRAM 205/3.0 Theatre in the Age of Film and Television
An examination of how some of the major trends in theatre since the 19th century have been affected or represented by mass media including film, television, radio and other electronic media. The course will study examples of influential dramatic work on film as well as other dramaturgical responses to social, cultural, and political issues presented through the mass media.,

DRAM 236/3.0 Public Presentation
An introduction to the principles and skills of preparing and delivering effective oral presentations. Using acting techniques and the principles of theatre, students will explore confidence building, vocal and physical dynamics as well as creative expression.

IDIS 210/3.0 Arts in Society
A broad-ranging introduction to the role arts play in human society with a focus on contemporary production and research. Through a series of guest speakers, students will engage with the arts’ living practices embedded in social interaction addressing topics as wide-ranging as aesthetics, politics, race, representation, critical theory, and identities.

Department Student Council

The Dan School of Drama and Music Student Council (DSC) is one of the most active DSC’s on campus. Elected annually by the student body, it is the function of the DSC to voice the opinions, needs and concerns of the students in the department, while helping to cultivate the community that Drama is so proud of and also known for!

Learn more about the Drama Department Student Council

Alumni Profile

Amy Ciupak Lalonde, (1998) is a professional actress best known for her supporting role in the comedy Sophie, an oil baron’s daughter in the drama Wild Roses, and has had several guest spots on shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Love Bites, Kevin Hill, Mutant X and Queer as Folk. Before becoming an actress, she taught film and drama at Notre Dame College School in Welland, Ontario as well as teaching in New Zealand. “I loved the well-rounded degree experience I received at Queen’s: playwriting classes, theatre literature classes, directing classes, technical theatre classes, and, most importantly, my acting classes, all of which provided me with a strong base and an understanding of theatre and drama. I still draw upon lessons taught to me by my professors, and I really think they’ve benefited me as a teacher and as a professional actress.”

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