For details and deadlines specific to the upcoming registration cycle see New Students or Current Students students.

Selection of Plan for Students Entering Year 2

Departments confirm/deny requests based on the Academic Thresholds set. These thresholds are set according to:

  • Academic criteria and performance
  • Number of spaces available in each concentration
Selection of Courses (July)

Select your courses according to your enrollment appointment time. Priority for courses is given to students who participate in the registration process. Students must be registered in a valid degree plan prior to selecting courses.

Spaces in courses will be available according to the following guidelines:
  • Registration is controlled by Faculty Enrolment Priorities (Academic Regulation 4)

    Enrollment in courses offered in the Fall-Winter Session normally will be determined according to the following priorities listed in descending order, students for whom the course is:

    • required in their concentration
    • an option in their concentration
    • part of their recognized concurrent-education teaching subject
    • an elective, or an option in the concentration beyond the normal load

    Within each category, priority will be given to students who have the specified prerequisites and:

    • are furthest along in their program
    • are not repeating the course.
  • Maximum enrollments are enforced

  • Degree program type, plan and level checking is in effect during registration

  • Course prerequisite checking is in effect during registration (checks of prerequisites, corequisites, exclusions, and weighted averages)


Students requesting courses later, including those admitted too late to participate in the course selection period, will be considered subject to space availability in courses.