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Whether you aspire to be an artist, film-maker, musician or actor or just want to understand and enjoy the Creative Arts, you'll find a stimulating environment at Queen's.

You can develop a comprehension and appreciation of the fine and performing arts, while enhancing and refining your skills and techniques. Through courses in Music, Drama, Film and Media, or Visual Arts, you will have many opportunities to understand and interpret different forms of artistic expression, as well as to produce and show your own artistic works. Extend your sources of inspiration beyond the classroom by joining a music ensemble, auditioning for a play or musical, volunteering at the student-run Union Gallery, or simply browsing through the magnificent art collections at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre.

New to Queen's is the world-class Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts that is home to many classes throughout the creative arts departments.

On stage, behind the stage, or directing the stage - the Dan School of Drama and Music  at Queen's teaches elements of the theatre from both theoretical and practical perspectives. With a focus on transferrable skills development such as strong communication, leadership and critical thinking, our drama program is a strong foundation for many careers. Auditions are not required for entrance to the program.

Without its visual media, the modern world would be unimaginable. In Film Studies, we approach many varied types of visual medias as means for understanding and participating fully in that world. The concentration includes historical inquires into the forces that have shaped the cinema and media; critical analysis of films and television and video productions; theories that explore the principles and functions of film; and the methods of making film and video. In most Film Studies courses, a film or video is used like a textbook in any other course, or like a specimen in a biology lab.

Queen’s Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) is a direct entry program, which means that students enter their major area of focus in their first year of study; only those students admitted to the BFA may enroll in the program's studio courses. Your class of 30 students stays together as a group for four years and will get to know the instructors and other students quite well.

In the Dan School of Drama and Music, you will obtain a solid education in western classical music from the ancient to the postmodern, and build on courses in applied study (performance), musicology/ethnomusicology, music education, and theory and composition. This fall, a new unique combined 5-year program with St. Lawrence College students will start down the path to receiving both a diploma and a degree.

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