Ruth Cereceda

Ruth Cereceda

Experiential Learning Coordinator and Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. (University of Oviedo, Spain)

Bader College, Queen's University, Herstmonceux, UK

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Research Areas

Dr. Cereceda's research has since focused on collection management and conservation. A combination of personal passion and research opportunities have allowed her to apply these skills to costume, textiles, and decorative arts’ collections. She is currently immersed in the development of a curatorial and research project looking at pre-1920’s headgear, researching the figure of Isabel Bader as a costume collector, and cataloguing the collection of heritage and artistic objects at Herstmonceux Castle, home to Bader College.

Dr. Cereceda began lecturing at Bader College in 2009. Since 2015 she is also responsible for its Experiential Learning program. In this capacity she joined the transdisciplinary project Environments of Change as co-investigator in 2021, with the Making sense of Experiential Learning. Strategies to support students in the identification of learning skills research project, where she is identifying models for students’ self-awareness of learning and developing strategies to enhance this process. Environment of Change is a collaborative research project led by Professor Steven Bednarski (University of Waterloo, Canada) and supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).


Dr. Cereceda received her Licentiate (BA+MA) degree in Art History from Universidad de Oviedo (Spain) in 2001, after which she began working in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Santander and in the Juan Silio Art Gallery (Spain). During this period, she specialised in Contemporary Art, worked with international contemporary artists such as Norman Bechtold, Joan Fontcuberta, Michael Najjar, Juan Ugalde or Abraham Lacalle, trained in Art Valuation and curated temporary exhibitions for public and private institutions. Her experience with artist and collection management was key when she returned to Universidad de Oviedo in 2010 for her PhD, where she researched the figure of contemporary landscape painter Eduardo Sanz Fraile (1928-2013) and created the Catalogue raisonné of his work. Dr. Cereceda was awarded her doctoral degree in 2015 with Cum Laude and International Honours.

Courses taught

ARTH116 Art & Architecture in Britain from the Classical Period to c.1700 is a chronological survey of painting, sculpture, and architecture in western culture, tracing the development of the classical world and the medieval period, through the Renaissance and the Baroque. Taught at Bader College.

ARTH117 Art and Architecture c.1700 to the Present Day begins with 18th Century art in England and France and continues with Neo-Classical art and Romanticism in Revolutionary France throughout Europe, with the English Pre-Raphaelites and the French Impressionists. In the second half of the term abstract art is debated from 20th Century Modernism to the Conceptual Art of the present day. Taught at Bader College.

ARTH293 Image/Self explores some of the many ways in which representations of real human beings have played a role in art and culture throughout recorded history and in diverse societies around the world. While charting the history of portraiture, we discuss how portraits have helped to express ideals of personal and collective identity and shape ideas about private and public identity that continue to affect art and society today. Taught at Bader College.

Recent Publications (peer reviewed)

Azul Mar Mahon. La trayectoria artística del pintor Eduardo Sanz (Blue Sea Blue. The painter Eduardo Sanz's artistic trajectory), Santander: Geslican. Montañas de Papel, 2018.

"Tradición, exilio y vanguardia: los años formativos de Eduardo Sanz" (Tradition, exile, and avant-garde: the formative years of Eduardo Sanz), XXI Congreso CEHA Congreso Nacional de Historia del Arte, 665-679, Santander: Universidad de Cantabria, 2018.

"Eduardo Sanz o la memoria del mar: el exilio como reinterpretación del patrimonio cultural de las comunidades marineras del norte de España" (Eduardo Sanz or the memory of the sea: exile as a reinterpretation of Northern Spain’s maritime cultural heritage), IV Coloquio Internacional de Doctorandos del CES Coimbra C: Dialogar com os Tempos e os Lugares do(s) Mundo(s), Portugal: Universidade de Coimbra, 2013.

"El paisaje del faro como referencia literaria en la pintura de Eduardo Sanz: Virginia Woolf, Joseph Conrad y Julio Verne" (The lighthouse as a literary reference in the painting of Eduardo Sanz: Virginia Woolf, Joseph Conrad and Jules Verne), III Congreso Internacional Escrituras Silenciadas: el paisaje como historiografía, 547-555, Spain: Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, 2013.

Conferences and Workshops

"Vogue! Royalty and Fashion", Public lecture, (May 2022) Bader College, UK.

"BISC-MAH Collaborations: Experiential Leaning and International Collaborations", Festival of Ideas, (June 2021) University of Sussex, UK.

"Why Art History? Experiential learning and female employability in in the 21st-Century Art School", Critical Pedagogies in the Neoliberal University: Expanding the feminist field in the 21st-century art school, Association for Art History Annual Conference (April 2019) University of Sussex & University of Brighton, UK.

"Addressing the Experiential Learning model in the classroom: An example of course design and implementation in Art History", 2018 ECAH -European Conference for Arts and Humanities (July 2018) Brighton, UK.

"Topics and methodology in art history research", Public lecture (Nov. 2015) Bader College, UK.

"Experiential Learning in Higher Education", Public lecture, (Oct. 2015) Bader College, UK.