Gallupe​, Caitlin

Caitlin Gallupe

M.A.C. Candidate

Art Conservation Program

People Directory Affiliation Category

Stream: Treatment
Specialization: Artifacts

Areas of Interest: archaeological conservation, contemporary art & craft, textiles and natural dyes, artist techniques

Caitlin Gallupe is a second-year student in Artifacts conservation and graduated with a BFA in Visual Arts and Art History from the University of Victoria and a certificate in Museum and Heritage Studies. Caitlin has worked extensively at art centres and has a studio art practice that applies a wide range of mediums including stained glass, shoemaking, textiles, analogue film, printmaking and ceramics, which underscores her appreciation for conservation techniques for the care of objects. Caitlin’s research this year focuses on the investigation of the making and aging of historical lichen dyes. Most recently Caitlin interned at The Harvard-Cornell Archaeological Exploration of Sardis in Türkiye where she got the opportunity to work in the lab and in the field on newly excavated finds at the ancient site of Sardis.