Art in the West from Antiquity to Modernity

ARTH 120/6.0


A survey of famous and lesser-known works of painting, sculpture, architecture, and other art forms from Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque, and the Modern Age. Themes include politics, religion, mythology, gender roles, techniques, conservation and intersections with non-western cultures.

Please note: This course is typically offered in the summer term

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to do the following:

  • Identify and describe major trends in art and architecture from prehistoric times to the present, and major artists and art movements in the European tradition;
  • Identify methods for analyzing visual images, strategies for interpreting works of art, and the cultural significance of visual imagery;
  • Apply ideas and methods to encounters with works of art and architecture studies;
  • Demonstrate the ability to express ideas clearly, develop a coherent and persuasive argument, write clearly, and accurately cite sources;
  • Apply critical thinking to the study of historical monuments and related documentation;
  • Recognize diverse ways in which art can be interpreted and the possibilities and limitations of some of the major methods of the discipline; and
  • Demonstrate visual literacy skills learned in the course to critically understand and interpret visual imagery encountered in daily life.


Topics covered in this course include

  • The Ancient World
  • The Medieval World
  • The Early Modern World
  • The Modern World


Summer (May–July) 2023
Course Dates
Delivery Mode


10% Quizzes

10% Group Discussions

20% Essay 

20% Midterm Exam 

20% Virtual Exhibition Assignment

20% Online Final Exam 

** Evaluation Subject to Change **

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Instructor Information

Professor Jane Russell Corbett (

Textbook and Materials

ASO reserves the right to make changes to the required material list as received by the instructor before the course starts. Please refer to the Campus Bookstore website at to obtain the most up-to-date list of required materials for this course before purchasing them.

Required Textbook

  • REVEL for Janson's History of Art (8th edition, Pearson)

Time Commitment

 LEARNING HOURS 240 (48L;12T;48O;132P)