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Getting Started

Click the expandable sections below for more details to help you get started with your online course(s).

Computer Requirements

To take an online course, you’ll need a high speed internet connection as well as a microphone and speakers to be able to watch videos, hear sounds, and participate in interactive online activities. A webcam may be necessary.

System Requirements:

Computer Specifications

  • Windows 8.1 or newer
  • OSX 10.13 (High Sierra) or newer
  • Dual Core 2 GHz processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Soundcard
  • USB Headset
  • Webcam

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome (preferred - latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)
  • Safari is not recommended as it causes several known issues in onQ
  • Edge is not recommended as it causes several known issues in onQ

Internet Connection

  • Wired high speed access: Cable or better
  • Wifi is not recommended


  • Latest version

Media Player

  • Flash (latest version)

Adobe Reader

  • Latest Version

Set up your NetID

Your NetID is your login for the Queen’s online Student Centre. Once you apply, you will receive an email with your student number. You will use this to create your NetID following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Students, then select NetID Profile Manager.
  3. Click on Activate your NetID
  4. Record your NetID, you will need it every time you log into SOLUS, OnQ and your Queen’s email account.

Access your Queen’s Email

As a Queen’s student, you have a permanent Queen’s email address that consists of your All communication from Queen’s will go to this email address. Check it frequently or consider forwarding it to your most commonly accessed email address.

Log in to Queen's Email

To forward Your Queen's email to another email address

  • Click on the ‘Settings’ icon in the top right corner to open the Settings sidebar
  • Click ‘View all Outlook settings’ at the bottom of the Settings sidebar 
  • From the Mail settings list click ‘Forwarding’ 
  • Tick mark ‘Enable forwarding’ 
  • Enter the email address you want your Queen’s email to be forwarded to.
  • Click ‘Save’ 

Navigate SOLUS

SOLUS Student Centre is the Queen’s online student portal that you can use to pay tuition and fees, add/drop courses, view grades and print many forms including confirmations of registration or tuition tax receipts. Log into SOLUS using your Queen’s NetID and password.

  • Go to and select SOLUS in the top left corner
  • enter your Queen's NET ID and password
  • click "log in"
  • See SOLUS Frequently Asked Questions here
  • For help with SOLUS, call 613-533-2040 or email

Pay your Tuition

Tuition is generally due on the first day of class. Please make note of the upcoming tuition due dates per term.

To Pay Tuition:

METHOD 1: Credit Card (only available to Distance Students)

  • Log in to SOLUS
  • Click on the green dollar sign
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete payment

METHOD 2: Bank Transfer

  • Using online or in-person banking, find Queen's University as a Payee
  • Use your 8-digit student number as the 'account number'
  • Once set up, you can pay this payee using funds directly from your bank account online, in person, or by telephone.

Please note that some payments can take between 3- 5 business days to reflect in your Queen's account.

Only students on a degree program are eligible for government funding such as OSAP. As a student in an Undergraduate Online Career, you are eligible to pay for your tuition via credit card. Please note there is an additional convenience fee attached to using this form of payment. In SOLUS, you will see a green dollar sign “$”. Click on the link beside it to process your payment with a credit card. You may also benefit from applying for an Alternative Payment Arrangement. For more information on how to pay, visit the Registrar's webpage.

The Office of the Registrar can help with all questions about fees and payments. 613-533-6894 or

Student Awards can help you with questions about OSAP, financial aid, bursaries and awards. 613-533-2216. 

Enrol in your first courses

If you applied through OUAC (Ontario Universities Application Centre)

Once you accept your offer, you will need to find your enrolment appointment in SOLUS and participate in Course Registration. See the section titled "Add or Drop Courses" on this page for details.

If you applied through this website (ASO)

When you accept your offer of admission, you will be automatically enrolled in the course(s) you selected on your application and you will become academically and financially responsible for them. If you choose not to pursue any of these classes, you will need to drop them in SOLUS before the financial drop deadline. After your first semester at Queen’s, you’ll use SOLUS to add your next classes yourself.

For all future terms

You will be responsible for registering in your courses yourself. See the section titled "Add or Drop Courses" on this page for details.

Add or Drop Courses

Determine enrolment periods

  • For Fall and Winter Term courses, all students are given an Enrolment Appointment Time to begin enrolling in classes. To find yours, log into SOLUS in early July and check the right side of your screen under "Enrolment Dates". A window will appear with your unique Enrolment Appointment Time, which is randomly generated according to your level at the University and cannot be changed.
  • For Summer Term courses, current students can enrol any time during the enrolment period for the term. Refer to the dates and deadlines page to see when course enrolment is open for summer term. 

To enrol in a course:

  • log in to SOLUS
  • click on "student center"
  • click on "enrol"
  • select the term for which you are enrolling
  • click "continue"
  • click on "class search"
  • change the course career drop-down to "undergraduate online"
  • uncheck "show open classes only"
  • use the other drop down filters to find the class(es) you are looking for (optional)
  • click "search"
  • Once you find the class(es) you are looking for, click the "select" button next to your desired class. If the class status is NOT a green circle, this means that the course is full. You may either add yourself to the waitlist or call our office to discuss your options.
  • Choose your exam centre location (or enter 9999 if there is not an existing exam location within 100 km or where you are), and click "next"
  • click "proceed to step 2 of 3"
  • click "finish enrolling" when your enrolment appointment begins (for Fall and Fall/Winter term)
If you do not have a prerequisite: 
If you are trying to enroll in a class that has a prerequisite that you do not have, you can email the Undergraduate Chair of the department to ask for permission if you feel you have a solid basis to be able to take the class. Please copy on this response and include the course name, your student number, and your preferred exam centre location so that our office can enroll you.
Retaking a course: 
To re-take a course, please email for a manual override.

To drop a course:

  • log in to SOLUS
  • click on "student center"
  • click on "enrol" (even if dropping a course)
  • select the term for which you are enrolling
  • click "continue"
  • click on the "drop" tab at the top of your student center screen
  • select the courses you wish to drop
  • click "drop selected classes"
  • click "finish dropping"
  • ensure that the course has successfully been dropped (the status will show a blue circle X)

How to drop a course after the Academic drop deadline has passed: 

If you are attempting to drop a course after the academic drop deadline has passed, an appeal will need to be made. Please refer to the appeals section on the Arts and Science website. If you'd like to speak with an academic advisor about your circumstances, please call 613-533-3322 or email to book an appointment. Please refer to our dates and deadlines page for academic/financial drop deadlines.

Access your courses (in onQ)

Our online courses are run through OnQ, our online learning platforms. 

You will be able to begin your online course on the first day of class (or, in the case of a late enrolment, 48 hours after you enrol in SOLUS) by logging into OnQ. From here you will be able to access the course syllabus, timeline and lesson modules, submit assignments and check your grades. You can also communicate with your instructor, TA, and other students in the course. Your instructor or TA will email you at your Queen’s email address within the first week of the term to introduce themselves and the course to you.


Watch this video for an introduction to onQ

Screenshot of the top of a course page in OnQ
  1. My Home - this will take you back to the My Home page from anywhere in onQ
  2. My Courses - navigate to any of your courses from this link
  3. Message Alerts - access the Email and Pager tools and see any new Pager messages
  4. Subscription Alerts - view course updates to news, discussions, quizzes, etc.
  5. Update Alerts - shows new Discussion tool messages
  6. Profile - access and edit your profile, customize notifications for activities in your courses, modify your account settings, and access the Logout link.
  7. Navigation Bar - Access the course's different sections
  • Course Home - click on to access the course’s main page.
  • Syllabus - outlines all important information pertaining to the course, such as grade breakdown, teaching team contact information, course description, learning outcomes etc.
  • Modules - access to course content such as weekly overviews, course notes, videos etc.
  • Activities - access a list of all Assignment Submission Folders, Discussion Forums, and quizzes, as well as the course's grade book.
  • Timeline - overall view of course broken down week by week with links to all course content.
  • People - access your groups, the classlist, and the teaching team expanding biographical information.
  • Help - access to course questions forum as well as a list of helpful resource links.

Order Textbooks

Textbooks can be ordered from the campus bookstore and shipped anywhere in the world. You can buy textbooks from other sources if you wish, as long as they are the exact same edition as outlined in the course description. The correct textbooks for your course will be automatically populated when using the online ordering system at - alternatively, you can view the required course materials on the course description page on our website.

To order a textbook for your course:

  • Visit and click ‘Textbooks’ tab from the top menu
  • Click ‘Textbook Search Engine’ 
  • Select the department code (first 4 letters of the course you need it for eg. ENGL) 
  • Click ‘Continue’ 
  • The section below this box will update with the possible course codes for your request. 
  • Select the matching course code and term with the option that has 700 next to it (eg. ENGL100-700) 
  • Click ‘Search for Textbooks’ 
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your purchase and arrange for shipping. 

Register for Orientation

Order a Student Card

As a distance student, you can get a Queen’s Student Card that you can use for your exams as well as other privileges and perks that many retailers and service providers may extend to students. Please visit the Registrar's website and select the "I am studying off-campus" tab if you would like to get a Queen’s photo ID Student Card or a validation sticker for your existing Queen's Student Card. Please make sure that your current address is up to date in SOLUS as this is where the card will be sent. If you have any questions about this process, please email

Tips for Success

We have put together an infographic with information on effective time management and productivity strategies that are particular to online students, as well as an understanding of what online students should expect in terms of workload and class participation. You can download the infographic here. You can also visit our Learning Resources section for more information.

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