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If your course has a final proctored exam, you can write it at any of our established exam centers in Canada and around the world, or via online proctoring when available. When enrolling in a course through SOLUS, you will be able to select an exam centre closest to you. If a city within a 100km radius of you is not listed as one of our exam centre locations, please select the “Remote” (9999) option and within a minimum of 2 weeks into the start of your course, we will be in touch with you, via your Queen's email, about the process for setting up someone to proctor your exam in your hometown.

If your course does not have a proctored exam, enter 1111 when prompted for the exam centre code. This will ensure that you will not be charged the $100.00 exam fee.

Find Your Exam Date and Location

The Queen’s exams office will post your exam time and date (not location) in SOLUS midway through the term. It is important to note that the location details and start time of your off campus exam will be sent to your Queen’s email address 10 - 14 days before the exam session. While the date listed in SOLUS is correct, the exam location listed under "Exam Schedule" does not apply to distance students who are writing their exams off campus.

Students writing exams on campus can check the exam date, time and location on the SOLUS main page by clicking on "Exam Schedule" under the "Academics" section.

Change Your Exam Location

If you need to change your exam centre, contact us any time before the exam centre change deadline to avoid a $100 fee. Email aso.exams@queensu.ca or call 613-533-3322.

Exam times and dates are set by the University and cannot be changed. Please ensure to arrange your personal and work affairs to attend your exams as scheduled. Do not schedule vacations, appointments, etc., during the exam period.  Exams for online courses are never scheduled during the evening or on weekends.

If an exam is missed (or expected to be missed) due to sudden health, family or other extenuating circumstances, please contact your professor immediately.

Accessibility / Accommodation

Queen's University is committed to providing full accessibility for persons with disabilities. Part of this commitment includes arranging academic accommodations for students with disabilities to ensure they have an equitable opportunity to participate in all of their academic activities.

If you are a student with a disability and think you may need accommodations, please contact the Queen's Student Accessibility Services (QSAS) and register as early as possible. For more information, including important deadlines, please visit the QSAS website

Once you receive your accommodations letter, be sure to forward a copy to aso.exams@queensu.ca by the exam accommodation request deadline.

Final Grades

Your final grades will show on SOLUS. Official transcripts showing final grades will be available on the Offical Grade Release Date.  

Note: In official transcripts, a mark of IN (incomplete) is considered a grade, and your transcript is released with this grade.


For information on how to request a transcript, please visit the University Registrar - Transcripts page.