Art, Society, and Culture

ARTH 250/3.0


An introduction to the social conditions and cultural movements that shaped European visual art of the nineteenth century in its global context. The course will stress the tension between modernity and anti-modernism as well as competing views on the very nature of visual art. LEARNING HOURS 120 (48O;72P)

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes


  • of the social, political, cultural and technological developments of the period
  • of the 19th century Western art movements
  • of artists, their styles and artisitc interests
  • of issues relating to the categorization of the visual arts


  • of how social, political and technological factors affect the visual arts
  • of the non-linear development of the visual arts
  • of the factors contributing to the categorization of the visual arts


  • development of skill in historical analysis
  • development of crtical thinking skills
  • development of skill in formal analysis
  • development of writing skills


  • Introduction to Art, Society and Culture
  • Art & Politics
  • New Approaches to the Natural World
  • Realism and the Rise of the Middle Class
  • Urbanization and the Concept of "Modernity"
  • Exoticism and the Rise of Colonialism
  • Medievalism and Social Reform
  • New Ways of Seeing


Fall 2022
Course Dates
Delivery Mode


30% - Research Essay
30% - Exhibition Assignment
20% - Quizzes (x5)
20% - Discussion Forums (x4)

*Evalaution Subject to Change*

Instructor Information

Professor Jane Russell Corbett (

Instructor Message

ARTH 250 provides an introduction to the social conditions and cultural movements that shaped nineteenth-century European visual arts in their global context. It is a new art history course and I’m excited to be teaching it! The course is designed for both future art history majors as well as for those of you who are simply interested in learning more about western art.

Textbook and Materials

The following material is available from the Queen's Campus Bookstore:

  • Michelle Facos, An Introduction to Nineteenth-Century Art, New York:  Routledge, 2011. This is a comprehensive survey of nineteenth-century European art with a strong emphasis on the social and political context of the works discussed.  

In addition to selections from the textbook, for each unit students will be required to read accompanying course notes. Additional resources will be listed at the end of each unit. 

Time Commitment

Learning hours: 120 hours 

Additional Information

NOTE Only offered online. Consult Arts and Science Online.