Design Sprint

ENIN 400/3.0

Design Sprint course image of business person's hand drawing an idea


In today’s fast-paced world, speed and agility are critical to generating business value, and corporations, organizations, and start-ups must continuously innovate, and at rapid speed. This required capstone course for the Queen’s Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Creativity (QEIC) is designed as an intense, experiential expedition where learners will have the opportunity to practice developing innovative and effective solutions to real-world problems, big and small.

Working in diverse teams and as individuals, students will identify opportunities and propose new solutions in the form of products, services, business models, and experiences. Throughout the course they will have occasions to pitch their ideas and receive peer and expert feedback on them.  The course will culminate in a hack-a-thon style event that will run over 3 days.

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Learning Outcomes

The Learning Outcomes will be addressed in the course modules as follows:

1. Establish productive collaborative working relationships within a learner team

2. Gather, organize, and summarize information necessary to appropriately study a complex problem

3. Generate concept designs and apply structured approaches and techniques to design and build a prototype

4. Synthesize individual research and visually present original ideas by creating a multimedia digital slide presentation

5. Translate and articulate the value of social, commercial, technical, or creative innovation to stakeholders

6. Communicate professionally online verbally and in writing in a clear, coherent, and logical style