Design Thinking

ENIN 140/3.0

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This course helps students learn human-centred design thinking techniques and apply them to real-life case studies in media and the creative industries. The course will take a cross-disciplinary approach wherein participants from various academic and professional backgrounds will engage in co-creation, peer review, online discussions, brainstorming, and prototyping activities. ENIN 140 provides participants with the theory and tools to solve problems and support innovation in business, academia, and nonprofit spaces. The unique features of this course lie in its collaborative social learning opportunities and creative assignments--from idea-storming to journey-mapping, napkin sketches to pitch decks. By the end of the course participants will have improved their critical observation and listening skills, their creative thinking and ideation proficiencies, and their digital and visual communication competencies. 

Please note: there is no on-campus final exam in this course, no textbook or software to purchase, and no previous experience with graphic design required. 

Learning Outcomes

Students completing this course will demonstrate their digital creativity, communication skills, and comprehension of key concepts in media and design thinking through completing multimodal compositions, online research and writing, multiple choice quizzes, and participating in a collaborative learning community.


Winter 2023
Course Dates
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Please note: there is no final exam in this course, no textbook or software to purchase, and no previous experience with graphic design required.

Instructor Information

Shari Hughson

Textbook and Materials

There is no required textbook for this course. All articles are online and linked in onQ via Queen’s University Library. The required reading for this course includes popular news articles, excerpts from business trade titles, case studies, and short academic research articles about creativity, innovation, and design thinking from across the disciplines.

Time Commitment

Students can expect to spend approximately 10 hours a week (120 hours per term) in study / practice and online activity for this course.