Digital Media in Studio Practice

ARTF 275/3.0

digital looking painting of a man with virtual reality headshet touching a particle of himself


In this introductory studio e-course, students will examine the current nature of digital media practices in relation to Contemporary Art. Through studio research, students will explore the context of digital practices and theories, and its effect on the production of images and objects within the digital landscape. LEARNING HOURS 120 (60O;60P)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss and write about exemplary works of visual culture from other cultures and historical periods including current contemporary practices at an informed level of inquiry.
  2. Conceptualize and create work from idea to physical form by accessing visual and textual information from a variety of sources in concept development.
  3. Produce creative works that demonstrate imagination and inventive use of processes, materials and concepts.
  4. Write critically and conceptually about works of visual culture.
  5. Discern and apply a variety of approaches to the making of art and identify and solve aesthetic, formal and conceptual problems in their discipline areas.
  6. Demonstrate through visual and textual material, the role of digital media and its applications across the fields of visual culture.


Winter 2023
Course Dates
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Instructor Information

Sarah McLean Knapp (

Textbook and Materials

All required texts for this course will be available online through the course onQ website.

Time Commitment

Students can expect to spend approximately 10-12 hours a week in study/practice and online activity for this course.