Envisioning Disruptive Technologies

ENIN 207/3.0

Envisioning Disruptive Technologies course image of a futuristic earth map


This course illustrates the concept of disruptive technology – where the pace of technological progress easily exceeds the rate of performance improvement that customers in a market demand. Real world case studies will highlight the implications of such innovation on the research, design, promotional, and business strategies involved.

Learning Outcomes

After completing ENIN 207, students should be able to:

  1. Articulate a clear and comprehensive definition of the concept of disruptive technology through the analysis of a number of disruptive technology cases;
  2. Describe both the common, and distinctive characteristics of specific disruptive technologies within a range of contexts;
  3. Apply and analyze the social, financial and technological conditions that support or prevent the advent and/or implementation of a disruptive technology;
  4. Assess and enact the power of collaboration, user feedback, and other team approaches to creative ideation and innovation;
  5. Draw connections between the concepts associated with disruptive technologies to envision and evaluate a new disruptive technology; and
  6. Synthesize individual research and visually present original ideas by creating a multimedia digital slide presentation.