French for Healthcare Professionals

FREN 236/3.0


This course is intended for medical practitioners and people planning to enter the healthcare profession who wish to enhance their oral and written skills, build on their medical vocabulary and improve their communication skills to effectively conduct routine business in a range of medical settings. Through a range of interactive activities including role plays, learners will acquire routine and context-specific medical terminology while engaging in regular business. Activities will include reading and responding to medical documents and correspondence, documenting cases, simulated interactions with patients, colleagues and staff.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Apply topic-specific vocabulary and appropriate grammar to workplace group and individual written and oral interactions;
  2. Evaluate and effectively respond to common workplace situations;
  3. Engage, discuss and consult on current and specific real-life based medical cases;
  4. Formulate recommendations for implementing courses of action and articulate them in oral or written form;
  5. Design a professional development plan or resource to address a French language need within healthcare


Summer (May–July) 2024
Course Dates
Exam Dates (if applicable)
Delivery Mode


14% - Module Quizzes
14% - Standardized Patient Roleplay #1
20% - Standardized Patient Roleplay #2
20% - Decision-making Activity
30% - Final Project (Presentation and Q&A)
2% - Discussion Activities

Project will contain individual work and group work throughout the course.

*Evaluation Subject to Change*

Textbook and Materials

All assignment instructions, supplementary exercises, and links to online resources are available on onQ.

Time Commitment

Students can expect to spend, on average, about 10 hours per week completing relevant readings, assignments, and course activities.