Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting

ARTF 101/3.0

Table set up with paint brushes, painting kit and water with hands reaching into to add a colour to their brush to paint a picture.


ARTF 101 will explore multiple strategies for creating drawings and paintings, providing students with a basic understanding in material handling. Activities will be completed as preparation for Creation Projects. While Activities will have specific requirements related to subject matter (colour theory, basic portraits, etc.), Creation Projects will generally have an open theme, allowing students to complete independent research. Creation Projects will combine technical work and text-based response through project statements and discussion forums.

There will be three main explorations throughout the course: drawing (dry media), mixed media (dry & wet media, including collage), and painting (wet media on a variety of surfaces). The class will begin with a more intuitive approach to drawing, focusing on mark making and layering, before moving on to graphite rendering (contour line & shading). There will be tutorials on mixing colour and preparing surfaces (paper, wood, and canvas). Mixed media will incorporate collage and found imagery alongside hand drawn, while painting will prepare students to work from observation.

This course is offered in an online, asynchronous format. There are no required live components, however students are encouraged to attend Office Hours for project inquiries and Open Studio for a social component.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Experiment with building blocks for image creation such as mark making, portraiture, perspective, and colour theory.
  2. Demonstrate confidence in drawing and painting through various projects.
  3. Respond to relevant theoretical and art historical texts.
  4. Describe, communicate, and critique artistic concepts through project statements and dialogues with peers.


Summer (May–June) 2024
Course Dates
Exam Dates (if applicable)
Delivery Mode


10% - Writing Response
20% - Class Activities (x5)
70% - Creation Projects (x6)

*Evaluation Subject to change*

Textbook and Materials

Please purchase the following products in advance of the course. Course packs will be arranged by Art Noise in Kingston and can be shipped if you are not living in the area or available to travel.

Equivalent products may be used if approved by the instructor, however it is important to meet quality standards, size requirements, etc.

Materials estimated cost $300

Time Commitment

Students can expect to spend approximately 144 learning hours in study/practice and online activity for this course.