Introduction to Health Promotion

HLTH 205/3.0


This course provides students with a broad overview of the practice of health promotion. Topics range from the practicalities of designing, delivering, and evaluating health promotion interventions, to consideration of how health promotion practice intersects with issues of health equity and the social determinants of health.

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the practice of health promotion and its relationship to the individual and social determinants of health;
  2. Assess principles of program planning and evaluation in designing and implementing health promotion interventions;
  3. Identify the importance of practices that promote cultural safety and health equity;
  4. Compare approaches to health promotion for a variety of public health issues; and 
  5. Apply improved information literacy and writing skills. 


Winter 2024
Course Dates
Exam Dates (if applicable)
Delivery Mode


10% - Concept Check-In Quizzes (x10)
30% - Module Exams (2x15%)
20% - Major Assignment 1 - Health Promotion Intervention: Proposal
10% - Discussion Activity: Settings for Health Promotion (Post 5%; Reply 5%)
30% - Major Assignment 2 - Health Promotion Intervention Plan (due during the exam period)

*Evaluation Subject to Change*

Instructor Information


Textbook and Materials

Foundations for Health Promotion 4th edition, Jane Wills & Jennie Naidoo