Publicity and Media Relations

ENIN 204/3.0


In the media saturated world that we live in today, it is more important than ever to be adaptable and to effectively communicate with your customers and key stakeholders to help them understand your story. Public relations is one of the best ways to share information that influences behavior and shape public opinion. It is also a great way to get recognized, build loyalty, and encourage advocacy, and that's what this course is all about. Throughout the course reading materials will be supplemented by practical assignments based on everyday case studies from companies such as lululemon, Burger King, Google, Apple and others. The focus is on a 'learning-by doing' approach that will encourage you to think critically about current events and how they relate to public relations practices. So if you have an interest in how organizations, companies, celebrities and others get their message out, and build relationship with their audiences, then this course if for you.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing ENIN 204 200, learners will have:

  • Practiced problem-solving skills by critically analyzing current trends in public relations, including research and evaluation, event management, and social networking;
  • Applied strategy and communication tactics based on a sound understanding of public relations concepts and theory;
  • Described how the public relations process is carried out by various specializations, such as fundraising, government relations, crisis communications, and international affairs;
  • Built collegial and cooperative relationships with classmates so as to model how to form professional networks with a variety of public interest groups, internal and external clients, and the media;
  • Analyzed stakeholder interests and address a variety of public relations issues including reputation and crisis management, media relations, and social media responses;
  • Developed and delivered professional presentations;
  • Conducted and coordinated research to develop communication strategies to meet information needs of internal and external publics; and
  • Designed internal and external communications and prepared communications such as a comprehensive press kit and other collateral materials.