Academic Writing

Academic Writing

Program Plan

This certificate program consists of 12.0 units. 


  1. Courses may not be offered every term.
  2. No more than 6.0 units of core and options courses may be counted towards the requirements of both the certificate and another Arts and Science Program.
  3. No more than 6.0 units of core and option courses may be transferred from outside of Queen’s University. 
  4. This online program plan has been adapted from the official Faculty of Arts and Science E-Calendar to help online students identify only courses that are being offered online.

1. Core courses (6.0 units) 

Complete 3.0 units from the following:

Complete the following:

2. Option courses (6.0 units) 

Complete 6.0 units from the following:

You may choose to substitute 3.0 units of WRIT option courses from the above list with 3.0 units from the AWRI_Subs List: