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eLOG - life as an online learner

Tag along with our student bloggers and staff for insight as you navigate your way through online courses, certificates, degrees, exams, group work, self care and more.

Support Services For Online Students

Many online students are unsure of what support systems exist for them within the Queen's University community. There are actually so many wonderful resources available! 

Why You Should Study Outside

As you might guess, being outside decreases stress. Doesn’t matter if you’re basking in nature or outside at a café in a bustling city, just being under the sun and breathing in fresh air makes a difference.

Your Education Matters

Distance learning can be difficult, we all know this.

Final Stretch

Some words of motivation to get you through the final stretch of assignments and exams.

The Elusive Thesis Statement

To write a good thesis and supporting arguments, you have to be become a detective of sorts.