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eLOG - life as an online learner

Tag along with our student bloggers and staff for insight as you navigate your way through online courses, certificates, degrees, exams, group work, self care and more.

Advice from the Front Lines

Your fellow students share their best advice about online learning.

Catch Your Breath and Reflect

If you are continuing with courses over the summer, try and ensure you are getting some time off before you head back.

Keep Calm and Ace Your Exam

You’ve studied, you’re prepared, you arrived early, and now it’s time to write. Before you dive in, take a few minutes to plan and organize your approach and reduce your stress.

Beat Exam Stress

Don’t waste your hard effort of preparing for your exams by pushing yourself past your limit on the exam day. 

Making Study Notes Accessible

Here are a few ideas to refresh study note preparation and take advantage of the latest scientific data to improve your interest and retention.